Who we are

Grupo Granjas Marinas S.A de C.V (GGM) is a Honduran company dedicated to the production of Pacific white shrimp (Litopeneaus vannamei). Our operations are vertically integrated, that is, we control all aspects of our shrimp farm. From the production of post-larva to the commercialization of the finished product to the international markets. This allows us to ensure a high-level of quality control.

We have operated in the Honduran area of the Gulf of Fonseca for more than 40 years. We respect all local and international standards of the shrimp industry in a sustainable manner, showing respect to our neighbors and their environment. We comply with the environmental and social requirements of the government of Honduras, the United States (Food and Drug Administration / FDA) and the European Union.

Our management supports education, health, self-management and infrastructure of the communities where we operate. Our human capital is made up of 1,900 employees who enjoy fair working conditions and safe access to training and educational development.