Grupo Granjas Marinas S.A de C.V is an integrated producer that offers shrimp of the highest quality. Working in a sustainable ecosystem and in conjunction with our communities, allows us to meet the requirements of our customers

Who we are

Grupo Granjas Marinas S.A (GGM) is a Honduran company dedicated to the production of Pacific white shrimp (Litopeneaus vannamei)...

Our Farms

Dedicated to reliable and sustainable production, Grupo Granjas Marinas operates more than 5,200 hectares...

Our Hatchery

Grupo Granjas Marinas has spent decades working on genetic mapping and selective...

Our Processing Plant

Our processing plant, Empacadora de Productos Acu√°ticos San Lorenzo, is equipped to handle up to 180,000 pounds of shrimp daily...


We are a vertically integrated company dedicated in the breeding, farming, processing and marketing of the highest quality shrimp products...


Be a leading company, in the breeding, farming, processing and marketing of the highest quality shrimp products, based on innovation, added value...


Responsibility, commitment, perseverance, respect, integrity



Grupo Granjas Marinas is committed to supply high quality products that are grown with sustainable processes, less environmental impact, without the use of additives and preservatives, and to meet the highest quality and food safety standards set by the different audit organizations.


Our Production System is Socially and Environmentally Responsible


At Grupo Granjas Marinas, we take pride in making a difference in our environment and making a difference to the people who work for us...


Historically Grupo Granjas Marinas S.A has identified the mangrove as one of the pillars of environmental sustainability for shrimp farming. Our farms...


Contact us

Contact us for any environmental, social, legal, commercial, job opportunity, or any other type of information you may need.