Grupo Granjas Marinas has always identified the mangrove as one of the pillars of the environmental sustainability of shrimp farming. All our farms were developed on vegetation-free albino lands, in concessions granted by the Honduran government. Thanks to forestation programs and the constant presence of water in the occupied sites, mangrove forests have developed along the ponds and channels, generating conditions that allow the maintenance and improvement of biodiversity.


We plant mangrove that helps in the conservation of the soil of our farms, preventing and mitigating damages caused by tropical storms and tidal waves. In addition, the new areas with mangroves are a suitable habitat for many animal species, who find in place the adequate conditions for their development.

Water is our main input providing the conditions for the adequate growth of shrimp.

Maintaining the quality of it in the estuaries from which we pump to our farms, is a priority. Through water quality monitoring programs we ensure compliance with the required standards.

Our Shrimp farm is a natural charm

Mangrove forests, more than 80 species of birds present, reptiles and other species are part of that natural charm that make our production farms examples of sustainable systems.